modern 3D technologies
We are specializing in 3D building modeling (BIM), field scanning/measuring and detailing for coordination, fabrication and installation purposes in construction.
ALL-CITY Sketcher strive to take the guesswork out of the complexity of the construction industry for our clients. By facilitating effective coordination between trades and establishing a tangible and visible working methodology, our services eliminate redundancy and avoid any potential conflicts between trades.

Each project we undertake is met with the expertise and care of more than 30 highly trained team members and the backing of hundreds of successful projects across Manhattan. Our framework saves owners, general contractors, and a variety of contractors time and money, reducing headache and grey hair

Specializing in 3D scanning and modeling (BIM), and creating comprehensive and accurate shop drawings in AEC industry, our projects have assisted an impressive client list, including esteemed companies like Facebook, Morgan Stanley, ABC News, Columbia University, Bank of America, Starbucks, etc.

ALL-CITY Sketchers,Inc.(ACS) was born out of our parent company, All-City Metal (, after recognizing an industry need for quality and comprehensive 3D modeling and coordination services.

All-city metal has its own sheet metal shop and specialize on trash cute and duct fabrication and installation. It allows ACS members with engineering background to get necessary field experience.

ALL-CITY Sketchers are highly trained professionals. Our industry expertise, combined with extensive technology skills, gives us an edge in the services we provide.

ACS delivers beautiful, comprehensive and informative models to best serve our clients
ACS eliminates guesswork and surprises by uncovering the hidden layers of a project
ACS facilitates coordination between many trades with accurately detailed models, shop drawings and an effective 3D clash detection methodology.
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